Wednesday, April 23, 2014

RIC Event #3

On Friday, April 11th I attended the Open Books, Open Minds Pym Conference from 12-2:45 in the afternoon. They discussed many different topics, symbols, ideologies, and stereotypes in Pym for example racism and LGBTQ. They also discussed understanding the significance of the book. We got free food too.

RIC Event #2

On Wednesday, April 2nd I attended a presentation by Chris Herren which took place in Roberts Hall Auditorium at 8 at night. He discussed his story and his struggles dealing with substance abuse and how hard it was for him to overcome his addictions. It was really inspirational.

RIC Event #1

On Saturday, February 15th I attended the RIIL High School Gymnastics State Meet held at RIC in the Murray Center from 11am to 4pm.